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What our patients are saying…

I’ve been seeing Dr. Martinez for 5 years now, and I’m still amazed as to how fantastic and kind of a doctor he is. If only all of our healthcare professionals were as knowledgeable, patient, caring and thorough! Yesterday I had an emergency and Dr. Martinez was not available so I saw Dr. Allen. I was really pleased with him as well. He explained what I had and made me feel so much better and relieved. I also like their staff. They are very kind and professional. I recommend this place to everyone!

~ P.R.

Our family recently lost our doctor of many years, Dr. Michael Duplessie. When he moved he transfered our records to Visionary Eye Doctors. I had no problem seeing another doctor, and now I am actually very happy I saw Dr. Babak Hosseini. I came with my son, and it also happened to be his first time having an eye exam, so he was nervous. I was absolutely impressed with the way Dr. Hosseini treated me and my son, in a very sensitive and caring way. He was extremely thorough and made sure all of my questions were answered before we ended the exam. I never had a doctor educate me so much on eye health conditions. I was also very impressed in the way his assistant Jeanette treated my son, with a very personal and loving touch, as if my son was her son. I am really glad my family and I ended up in this office, because they really are patient care centered all the way. Thank you!

~ L.T.

I am 88 years old and I have special needs. People were very helpful and friendly, calm and tried to make me comfortable. They were aware of my hearing aids and were patient enough to repeat to things to me. Dr. Cremers is very professional, informative and explained what was being done to me all the whole time I was in the examining room and during my surgery. She also called me after the surgery. I feel confident she has the skill needed for my eye care. She has a loving touch and is very friendly.

~ C.M.

Dr. Martinez,

All too often, we tacitly accept performance or services that meet or exceed our standards and expectations, making comments only when we are displeased. It is incumbent upon the recipient of outstanding performance, to provide feedback on excellence. Unfortunately in some organizations, people simply go through the motions. Your office staff and those at your surgical center, do the work!! Each of your employees exhibits such professionalism, competence, patience, and personal caring, that it is an absolute pleasure to your patients. Congratulations to your fine staff, each of whom reflect your values. You add quality to the lives of others. The world is a better place due to people like you.

~ B.L.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the loving care you always provided to my mother. Your carry the doctor-patient relationship to a personal level like no other doctor I have ever known. I sincerely appreciate everything you did for her.

~ T.S.

Dr. Cremers has great bedside manner, was very incisive in diagnosing the problem with my eyes, and she followed up a few times to make sure I was following instructions and that my eyes were improving. Her office runs quite efficiently and was particularly helpful with my insurance issues. I definitely recommend Dr. Cremers and the practice.”

~ N.F.

To those in the office of Dr. Martinez,

I just wanted to say thank you. The atmosphere you have created working together spills over into how you treat your patients. One smile after another. You all were so helpful and it seemed that you really cared. That makes a big difference in your patients’ lives even if it is never said. Keep up the good work. It is greatly appreciated. Also to Dr. Martinez, thank you. Your bedside manner makes a world of difference in making your patients comfortable with their situation.

~ C.F.

Dr. Martinez,

It was such an honor and pleasure working with you. In just four months I have learned a tremendous amount about cornea, anterior segment diseases as well as primary care. The care and enthusiasm you and your office shows for each patient is truly admiring and I am inspired to do the same for my patients one day. Thank you again for your time and interest in teaching. I hope you will continue to teach students and be a preceptor for PCO interns in the future!

~ P.W.

Dear Dr. Martinez,

I am writing this letter to try to express how grateful I am for all of the care and attention that you have always shown me. Your kindness and patience has been a God-sent to me. Without your guidance, I would be lost in a maze of contradicting advice from other various doctors not understanding “Dry Eyes” “Sjogrens”. Again your knowledge, patience, and caring keeps me going and I can’t do this without you!

~ B.C.

Dr. Allen,

I saw Dr. Martinez this morning for my follow-up to the laser and Avastin treatment administered in the hope of clearing the blood vessels in my left eye, which I was very self-conscious about. You were very kind when I first came to the clinic. I was so down but trying to keep my hopes up. You and Dr. Martinez have given me a confident new lease on life – “THANK YOU” doesn’t even begin to adequately express how I feel!

~ G.L.

I would like to say a huge thank-you to Dr. Allen. He is incredible! He really listens to me and he has a way of making me feel so calm. I feel so very blessed and fortunate to have had him perform my surgery. I would eagerly recommend him to anybody when given the chance. The office also has wonderful staff, very kind and professional. Love this office!

~ A.M.

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