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Intraocular lens options: a very important decision to make

After the cataract is removed, an artificial lens or implant is placed in the eye to give the patient clear vision. If you are a candidate for cataract surgery, you now have a very important decision to make.

Active Lifestyle Lenses

Standard Lens

The traditional intraocular lens (IOL) is a standard, inexpensive, monofocal implant that has the ability to provide vision at one distance. Patients who select a standard monofocal IOL still need to wear corrective lenses (bifocals) for most activities like driving or reading. Millions of these IOLs have been placed over the past decades.

Advanced lens options

Multifocal IOLs

Multifocal IOLs are designed to provide cataract patients with a full range of vision. From reading to driving and everything in between. Examples of common momentary near tasks would be a looking at a cell phone, a photo, a menu, a boarding pass, an envelope address. One clinical study desmonstrated that approximately 85 percent of people who receive multifocal IOLs do not need glasses for distance or near activities. Multifocal lens implants offer the convenience of less dependence on reading glasses compared to standard lens implants.

Toric lenses: correcting cataracts and astigmatism in one procedure

Toric lenses are an ideal solution for patients with both cataracts and astigmatism. Astigmatism is a common condition that can result in blurring of your vision. Toric lenses are designed to replace your clouded lens while also correcting your astigmatism in one step. Toric lenses can greatly reduce, or even eliminate, your need to wear eyeglasses for sharp distance vision, though you will likely still need eyeglasses for reading.

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