Comprehensive Eye Care
Integrated Dry Eye, Blepharitis & Rosacea Treatment

Comprehensive Eye Care

For comprehensive, leading-edge eye care in the Washington D.C. area you can trust, look to Visionary Eye Doctors

Eye Exams Washington DCWith a commitment to unparalleled care and service delivery, Visionary Eye Doctors provides a full spectrum of ophthalmology services to meet the needs of the entire family. Every patient is offered an integrated approach to eye care, incorporating the expertise of our board-certified ophthalmologists, optometrists, Certified Ophthalmic personnel and licensed opticians to provide individualized treatment.

Blending medical, surgical and consultative services with a spirit of kindness, a loving touch and service excellence, Visionary Eye Doctors offers state of the art technology and the most innovative procedures, including Femtosecond Cataract Surgery, Laser Vision Correction (LASIK and PRK). The doctors and staff at Visionary Eye Doctors are dedicated to providing the highest quality care in meeting the personal needs of each patient.

The eye is one of the most important organs in the body and is responsible for one of your most vital senses. Several thousand times a day, your eyes move and focus on images near and far, providing you with a highly detailed chain of three-dimensional pictures of the world around you. Your sight has helped you accumulate a lifetime of memories in a visual form, making it a gift that is unlike any other. When all is well with our vision, we take it for granted. But when our vision is affected, we suddenly realize how precious sight is. That’s where Visionary Eye Doctors can help!

Comprehensive Eye Care

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