Professional Eye Exams in Rockville From Visionary Eye Doctors

Clear vision is a crucial part of enjoying a happy and healthy lifestyle. At Visionary Eye Doctors it is our mission to provide patients with the information and care they need, empowering individuals in order to ensure they receive appropriate eye care and medical solutions for any conditions.

Our extensive eye exams and annual eye care appointments are focused on providing patients in Rockville with everything they need to know about the condition and overall health of their eyes and vision. We employ cutting-edge Optomap technology during our eye exams—an ultra-widefield retinal examination tool that lets us get a complete and clear image of your retina. This means we don’t need those obnoxious dilating drops!

When the exam is complete, we can provide you with extensive insight into the health of your eyes and discuss any issues or concerns you might have regarding your vision. If there are complications that need to be addressed, we are fully equipped to provide top-quality treatments! We will work with your doctor in order to find the solution that meets your needs best, be it contact lenses, glasses, or other options.

How Frequently Do I Need an Eye Exam?

We receive the question of “how often should I get an eye exam?” fairly often from our Rockville patients. The answer is always the same, and it’s set in stone as far as we (and medical science) are concerned: eye exams should be scheduled every year at a minimum. For those in excellent health, and with no preexisting eye-related conditions, once every two years may be sufficient.

However, conversely, those with unique circumstances, patients with currently treated eye conditions, or patients of advanced age may benefit most from scheduling eye exams more often. In the end the best answer is always to consult with a medical professional. Your primary care doctor may be able to offer guidance on how frequent your eye exams should be. Our own Rockville optometrists are also happy to provide you with a better understanding.

Schedule an Annual Eye Exam in Rockville

As a source of comprehensive eye care services and solutions, we at Visionary Eye Doctors make it our top priority to provide patients with the level of care and attention they deserve. Our eye exams strive to fulfill the unique needs of each and every patient, and we are not content with “standardized” service. Our team is friendly, experienced, and focused on meeting your eye care needs completely with both professional eye exams and other services.

Call 301-896-0890 to schedule an eye exam in Rockville today, or reach out to our team online to find out more about our eye care solutions at any time!