Dr. Fritz Allen

Fritz Allen, MD

Dr. Allen sees patients at our Rockville office.

Dr.Allen is fluent in Spanish, Haitian Creole, & French.

Dr. Allen grew up in Haiti & was the president of the Haitian Ophthalmological Society (SHO: Societé Haitienne d’Ophtalmlogie, 1990-1992). Growing up in Haiti infused a soft & laid-back calm in him that made Dr. Martinez immediately take a liking to him in medical school at Georgetown University. They have been lifelong good friends ever since. His personality is engaging enough that it makes his professional accomplishments & expertise seem almost at odds with the guy in front of you. He is a patient & office favorite. His passion for precision & gift of compassion accelerated his ability to rise to new challenges, having been the Chief resident at Georgetown Medical School & the top cataract surgeon with Kaiser in the Mid-Atlantic region. As an active member & volunteer with the Friends of Children of Lascahobas Foundation (FCLF), Dr. Allen has traveled numerous times with the FCLF to Haiti, where he performs free eye surgery for the people of Haiti.

Dr. Allen is a very active cataract surgeon, performing advanced cataract surgery & the latest refractive surgical techniques. He also conducts argon laser & many other treatments in the office for patients with conditions such as diabetic retinopathy & glaucoma.

Board-Certified: American Board of Ophthalmology
Chief Residency: Georgetown University Hospital, Center for Sight, Washington, DC
Internship: Internal Medicine, Harlem Center at New York Hospital, New York, NY
Medical School: Faculté de Medicine et de Pharmacie (School of Medicine & Pharmacy),
State University of Haiti, WI
B.S.: Saint Louis de Gonzague, Port-au-Prince Haiti, WI

Hobbies & Interests:

Dr. Allen enjoys spending time with his wife & traveling.