Eyeglasses and Frame Selection in Washington, DC

Eyeglasses essentially become an extension of the wearer. They are on your face so often, they become an integral part of your cosmetic look and lifestyle! With something as important as this, you want to be certain that you’re selecting glasses that fit your vision needs, as well as your appearance preferences. At Visionary Eye Doctors, this is precisely our goal. We believe that selecting the right eyeglasses shouldn’t be stressful or frustrating; it should be fun and engaging, and when you’re done you should have glasses that are you from temples to bridge.

We offer a vast variety of eyeglass frames, and our extensive eye care and exam services provide you with all that you need in order to find the glasses that fit you to a tee. Visionary Eye Doctors is a full-service eye care facility offering optical solutions for patients all throughout Washington, DC and the surrounding areas.

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Selecting Eyeglass Frames for Your Lifestyle in Washington, DC

Our staff is trained and extensively experienced—the perfect set of individuals for helping you select your individual look. We take the time to guide you through every option you have available to you, offering our insight and knowledge as needed, rather than pushing you into something you don’t like or feel comfortable wearing. It’s all about what fits you.

Our eyeglass frame options in Washington, DC include all of the following, and more:

  • Base-Down Triangle Face
  • Diamond Face
  • Heart-Shaped Face
  • Oblong Face
  • Oval Face
  • Round Face
  • Square Face

Update Your Eyeglasses Prescription With an Annual Eye Exam in Washington, DC

Glasses aren’t exactly a small investment, and they’re certainly not something you want to replace too often. Nor do you want to get your new glasses only to find that they do not correct your vision properly! An up-to-date prescription is vital, and you can get yours right here at Visionary Eye Doctors!

Our comprehensive eye exams are ideal for updating your prescription and ensuring accurate vision correction. Visionary Eye Doctors uses cutting-edge equipment and draws on the experience of leading optometrists to ensure total accuracy.

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Contact Visionary Eye Doctors for Glasses in Washington, DC

Our team takes pride in helping people get the level of quality eye care they deserve. From eye examinations and vision diagnosis, to helping you pick out contact lenses or eyeglasses, we are happy to meet your needs with professional-level expertise and a friendly demeanor. We firmly feel that getting new glasses should be a great experience, not something you dread, and we do everything within our ability to ensure this is exactly the case when it comes to getting new glasses in Washington, DC.

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