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Risks of LASIK Eye Surgery: An Informed Perspective

In recent years, the appeal of seeing the world without the aid of glasses or contact lenses has grown exponentially. One method, LASIK eye surgery, has emerged as a leading solution for many eager to correct their vision problems. For countless individuals, the dream of waking up with perfect vision is no longer a far-off […]

Why Is Pterygium Called Surfer’s Eye?

If you spend a lot of time outdoors or on the water, you may have heard the term “surfer’s eye.” This refers to a condition known as pterygium, a noncancerous growth that can cause irritation and blurred vision. Despite its nickname, pterygium does not only affect surfers or those who spend a lot of time […]

Colorblind Glasses & Contacts

Those living with colorblindness, or color vision deficiency, face challenges in everyday activities that most people take for granted. The inability to differentiate colors has a constant impact from driving to shopping for clothes. While there is no cure, visionary experts have developed a new way to alleviate the condition. Keep reading to learn how […]

PRK Surgery Recovery Timeline

Imagine life without blurry vision, contact lenses, or glasses. Photorefractive keratectomy, better known as PRK, has become a popular alternative vision correction surgery for those who are not a good fit for LASIK surgery. This is a type of laser eye surgery involving reshaping the cornea so that light entering the eye is focused on […]

How To Know if You Need Pterygium Removal Surgery

A pterygium (tuh-RIJ-ee-uhm) is an abnormal tissue growth filled with blood vessels on the conjunctiva, the transparent membrane covering the eye. It’s also known as surfer’s eye because factors such as UV exposure, getting sand in your eyes, and living in tropical or dusty environments increase the risk of developing this condition. Pterygium may look […]

Debunking Contact Lens Myths

Imagine a life without glasses: no foggy lenses, no stopping to take them off before a workout, and no anxiety about losing or breaking them. If you wear glasses, you probably agree that those benefits sound pretty good! However, some common myths about contact lenses might be keeping you from making the switch to a […]

LASIK Recovery Guide

LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) eye surgery is one of the most common elective surgical procedures in the United States. The procedure usually takes about 10 minutes, and you should see dramatically improved vision in just 12 to 24 hours! Still, your eyes may need up to six months to make a full recovery. Use […]

What Does LASIK Feel Like? A Comprehensive Guide to Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK surgery is a revolutionary procedure that has helped millions of people around the world achieve clear vision and reduce their dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Understanding what a LASIK procedure feels like is crucial for anyone considering this life-changing procedure. We will delve into the basics of LASIK eye surgery, including its purpose, […]

Do Computers Cause Myopia?

Myopia (nearsightedness) affects 40% of North Americans with a staggering growth rate over the past two decades that has qualified the condition as a global epidemic. Myopia is projected to affect 58% of the population by 2050. The recent spike in myopia cases has spurred research into the effect of computer screen exposure, and the […]