Frequently Asked Questions About Contact Lenses

Are contact lenses safe?

Contact lenses are a safe and effective form of vision correction when cared for properly. Contact lenses are medical devices, thus failure to wear, clean, and store them as directed can increase the risk of eye infections.

Can I use my glasses prescription to order contact lenses?

No. Contact lenses are a different medical device than glasses and require a different type of exam and prescription.

Where can I get fitted for contact lenses?

We have three convenient locations in Washington, DC, Rockville, and Damascus, to help anyone in the DC Metro area get the right contacts for them! Find out more on the pages below.

Contact us online or at 301-867-7920 to speak to our specialists about getting contacts today!

I have complicated vision challenges. Can I still wear contacts?

Some eye conditions make wearing contacts difficult. However, it does not rule out wearing contact lenses altogether. It just means patients need to discuss options with their eye care provider and obtain specialized, hard-to-fit contacts for their specific vision problems.

What sets Visionary Eye Doctors apart from other eye care practitioners is that we work with the challenge of prescribing the most difficult and hard-to-fit cases with our premium contact lens therapy service.

Patients are referred to Dr. Babak Hosseini, a contact lens specialist, for specialty lenses from eye care professionals throughout Maryland, DC, Virginia, and other states.

We can help you find the right contact lenses in the Washington, DC, area for you.

Is the contact lens evaluation fee a separate fee from the comprehensive eye exam fee?

Contact lenses are medical devices that may have certain health implications if not prescribed correctly. Because your doctor must invest additional time and expertise to determine which contact lenses are in your best vision and health interests, there are additional fees for this service.

How soon after my exam will I receive my contact lenses?

The sooner you order, the sooner they will arrive. During your contact lens exam, you’ll have the opportunity to try on different lenses. You may even take a few home the day of your exam to help decide. Once contacts are ordered, we will contact you by phone when they’re ready to pick up.

Do I have to order my contact lenses through Visionary Eye Doctors?

No. However, Visionary Eye Doctors provides competitive pricing as well as the following benefits when you order a yearly supply:

  • Exclusive manufacture rebates for extra savings, in addition to competitive pricing
  • Free trial lens replacement for any torn or defective lenses
  • Free shipping on a one-year supply of contacts
  • Ability to return unopened and non-expired boxes

When do contact lenses expire?

While the shelf life of contacts is often longer than one year, you should always refer to the packaging to confirm the expiration date of your contacts. The risk of an eye infection increases if you wear contacts past their expiration date. We do not recommend wearing expired contacts, ordering contacts with an expired prescription, or stocking up on contacts before your prescription expires. Be sure to maintain your yearly eye exams and order the appropriate number of contacts to have the best possible experience with your contact lenses.