Make Getting an Eye Exam Your New Year’s Resolution

Woman in hoodie wearing glasses and playing with sparkler.

When New Year’s rolls around, most people make resolutions to focus on their health. This is a good idea, but you may be making the wrong resolution. If you’re focusing on losing weight or exercising more in the New Year, you may be overlooking a very important part of your health, and that is your vision. This year, in addition to the normal resolutions to get a little trimmer, consider making a resolution to protect your vision by scheduling a routine eye exam.

Screen for Diseases & Prevent Vision Loss

Why should you schedule a routine eye exam in the new year? An eye exam does much more than check your glasses prescription. It helps screen against disease and disorders that could put your vision and your overall health at risk.

One of these is glaucoma. Glaucoma has few symptoms in its early stages, but once it causes vision loss, the results are permanent. This is the second leading causing of blindness around the globe, and the best way to prevent it is to have your routine screening. If caught early, glaucoma’s effects can be reduced, helping to preserve your vision.

Though glaucoma is the most common problem that leads to vision loss, it is just one in a long list of potential diseases that could rob you of your vision. Many of these have few symptoms early on, and some can be treated if detected early. If you want to protect your vision, you need to start with your eye exam.

Protect Overall Health With Vision

Not only does your vision screening test for diseases that could cause you to lose your vision, but it also screens for vision problems that can be connected to other health problems, like hypertension and diabetes. Sometimes, the eye doctor is the first one to notice these problems, giving you the chance to get help from your medical doctor for these serious health concerns. By keeping your eye exam this year, you may get insight into things you can do to protect your overall health.

Schedule Your Eye Exam Today

If you want to schedule your eye exam for the new year, Visionary Eye Doctors is here to help. We offer eye exams to patients throughout Maryland and Washington, DC, DC. Our eye doctors are passionate about helping you protect your health, and this starts with routine eye exams.

Visit our Maryland or DC offices to have your eye exam. Schedule it now by calling (301) 591-1763. You can also contact us online for more information about our vision services. With the help of Visionary Eye Doctors, you can take the next step in protecting your vision, and your health, with routine eye examinations.